Musical Coaching & Private Lessons

Eugen offers professional support for all those interested in guitar lessons and private musical coaching.

He would be happy to offer you one free "trial" tutorial in person or on Skype.

Apply for a personal offer here

Learning Acoustic Guitar

If you are interested in playing acoustic guitar in popular, latin or classical styles, Eugen will help you to build up your repertoire and offer you the right class in accordance with his previous education in classical guitar and theory.

Furthermore you will learn sight-reading and different styles and techniques of fingerpicking.

Learning Electric Guitar

If you feel like getting in touch with or mastering popular music styles like Jazz, Funk, Pop, Rock or Metal then you have come to the right place.

After years of stage performances, studio sessions and studying popular music he is ready to extend to you his own experience as a musician and guitarist.

These lessons are focused on learning basic and advanced techniques, theory and songwriting.

Getting fit for Study

If you are an ambitious guitar player planning to pursue a musical study then you need specific and precise preparation.

These lessons are designed to maximise your knowledge and competance in musical theory, rhythm and pitch.

In addition you will be encouraged to expand your own versatility, repertoire and presentation.

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